Is your life a chance happening?

Is Your Life by Chance?

Is there any part of you that believes your life happened by chance? It’s a reasonable question that everyone should ask. The answer certainly has major implications for your past, present, and future. So how about it? Are you here for such a time as this one — full of promise and potential due to a God-given purpose? Or did your DNA serendipitously assemble to result in the amazing person you are today? If life is a chance happening, what does that mean for you?


Your life is either randomly happening…

Last week, I made the case for asking crazy big questions. The importance of the answers cannot be overstated because they form the basis for your belief system. In fact, you act, choose, plan, and develop daily according to those beliefs. One of those questions was whether or not you believe the universe — or for that matter, you — are intelligently designed. And this week, I want to ask the next question. If your life is a chance happening rather than the result of an intelligent design, what does that mean for you?

In one of his latest books (Compelling Evidence for God), author Dr. Ray Lincoln tackles those questions.


Dr. Lincoln asserts that if life is a chance happening, it means we are not designed with a purpose and life has no purpose beyond what we devised for our own lives. When we find no purpose for our lives (because of this belief), the logical choice is to exit and save ourselves the troubles we face. Put another way, life itself becomes meaningless. And for many, acceptance of depression, despair, and suicide would then be more acceptable.

Compelling Evidence for God goes into all the evidence for and against the idea of an intelligently designed universe and an intelligent designer. But let’s focus on the implausible nature of random happenings.

Randomness in any form would amount to believing that trillions upon trillions upon trillions of chance happenings all…

  • fell into place
  • at the right time
  • in the right order
  • with the right values
  • supported by the right constants necessary for life itself to be possible
  • and also, for life to have the qualities to make it function successfully and consistently
  • in a vast macro and micro universe
  • without any intelligence or predesigned purpose


…or it’s fueled by an intelligent design.

After reading Compelling Evidence for God, it’s likely that you’ll find what many of us have found after digging in. You may come to agree that to believe that we’re accidents in a process of evolution is an outright assault on our intelligence. The presence of an intelligent design implies an innate purpose also is present. And that purpose was the reason for the creation in the first place.

Without a purpose in life, we all begin to fall apart and plunge into despair. Where does that leave us?! The solution is to find, engage in, and establish your created purpose.


Will unintelligence and random happenings lead us anywhere?

Scientists have proved to us that if they ingeniously use and follow the dependable laws and design we find in our universe, they can create wonders and things beyond our imagination. Purpose, design, and intelligence is a scientist’s tool kit.

Can these ingenious minds expect us to believe that unintelligence and a lack of design is the answer to our origins when intelligence and design is what leads them to such amazing discoveries? There’s an obvious inconsistency in this. We can’t live happily with such big inconsistencies or with the knowledge that unintelligent forces are where we came from.

Further, will random happenings and unintelligent forces lead us to live better lives? In short, of course not. None of us can live our own lives without using intelligence, planning, design, and forethought. They’re a part of who we are. So how could the entire universe run on anything short of that?


The Wonderful Conclusion

To believe in a chance origin is to face a future full of fear and uncertainty. Our achievements and our very existence would be subject to the winds of thoughtless chance and random moves could destroy us and our existence at any time on any day. But to believe we are here by design and in the hands of a loving God, makes life worth living. Believing in an intelligent and loving designer means we can live peacefully and confidently.  Faith in God beats a faith that there is no God any day.

Grab your copy of “Compelling Evidence for God,” and dig into the details. What you think about this matters — a lot.


If you are intelligently designed, there must be a user manual somewhere, right?

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