Get unstuck with a change to your mental landscape.

Change Your Mental Landscape

From the moment you are born, neural pathways are forming intricate highways of logic and reason within your human system. You then begin the lifelong process of ditching pathways that you’re not using, replacing them with new ones, and creating even deeper grooves down the neural pathways that work for you. Your brain changes constantly based on what you think about. Along the way, change is always possible. So if you’re feeling “stuck” in negative thinking and belief patterns, get unstuck by changing your mental landscape. Check out these 4 steps.

Positive Change = Changing Your Mind

Last week, we gave you Step One to getting unstuck from negative ruts. Once you’ve identified exactly what changes you need to make, it’s time to kick in Step Two: Change Your Mental Landscape.

Positive change starts with a changing of your mind. Without a firm belief in the benefits of the change you’re considering, you won’t take the necessary actions. However, once you are convinced and convicted about the benefits to the change you’re seeking, you can follow these steps to succeed.


  1. FIX YOUR FOCUS on new thoughts to eliminate the damaging ones. Try these 12 thoughts about the Real You to get started on new positive and powerful neural pathways.
  2. STAY IN THE PRESENT. The present vanishes quickly. What’s more, to change your future, you must change thoughts in the present moment and hold that pattern of thinking. The present moment determines the immediate future of our feelings and behavior.
  3. USE YOUR REASON. When you’re stuck in a negative rut, recognize that your current path is fruitless and will damage yourself and no one else. Since the rational mind influences the emotional mind, a balance between the two is key.
  4. FIND YOUR REASONS WHY. We’re designed to choose what’s in our best interests. In that light, connect with your reasons to focus intensely on the changes needed in your thinking and beliefs. Here are some good ones:
  • A change of direction will get me to my goal.
  • Doing things that benefit me will end the damage I am doing to myself.
  • It’s important and beneficial to find a new direction that will not damage others or me.
  • Since my current plan is not working, it makes sense to find one that does and will make sense for me.


You got this. But if you need help changing your mental landscape, the team at InnerKinetics is here for you. Check out these resources:

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