Your Optimism – Is it Really All that Important?

Your Optimism

Right now, there’s a clear and important choice before you. You can focus on the positive aspects of this crazy, stay-at-home time we’re experiencing. Or you can focus on the plethora of negatives and quickly be overwhelmed. Any one of us can make this optimistic choice about focus at any time. So just how important is your optimism? The answer: it depends on your InnerKinetics. Let’s explore.


There may be a big difference between your optimism and mine.

Though good news may be harder to find than the readily available bad news, only one of these options leaves you with hope for better days to come. Therefore, an optimistic outlook balanced with realistic caution would appear to be a wise choice. But is it truly essential? What if, by default, you’re not an optimistic person?

It turns out, there may be a big difference between your optimism and mine. And it all depends on the nature of your inner design.



IF YOU’RE NOT AN SP, your optimism is an external influence that you must choose to find. Rather than an inbuilt attitude (like in an SP), it’s a choice to build your hope on future possibilities. I think we all can agree that your optimism is a positive and productive choice to approach trouble with hope that “this too shall pass.”

BUT IF YOU ARE AN SP, your optimism is a natural and persistent attitude. It’s a way of viewing life’s troubles and disappointments with an unmistakable confidence that things will work out right. What’s more, it’s an internal conviction that you live in a plentiful, generous world. Most importantly, it’s one of your inner strengths. When optimism is one of your design-driven strengths, it has systemic effects. It’s truly essential to every aspect of your physical and emotional health.


Develop your optimism according to inner design.

Regardless of your inner design, the attitude of an optimist is a smart response to dangerous and troubling times. It will protect the integrity of all your native inner strengths. But as an SP, your optimism is an essential part of your healthy life. It’s the difference between functioning with unshakable confidence and malfunctioning with pessimism.


The SP seeks to live life to the full and with confidence. In fact, depression is unlikely in their atmosphere of positivity.

Your optimism is a supportive strength for the SP inner design. All by itself, it will seldom lead to success. But developed for its valuable support of the entire SP system, you can’t go wrong.

Developing this strength looks like this:

  • Don’t dwell on the negative news of the day. It’s responsible to take proper heed. But don’t magnify all the bad by focusing on it.
  • Be positive at least 51% of the time. 90% of the time is best!
  • Detach from negative influences and negative talk.
  • Indulge in positive self-talk.
  • Encourage others. You’ll feel an immediate reward internally because your self-esteem is built as you build the self-esteem of others.


Are you ready to develop your strengths? These steps are revealed through several resources, as written by InnerKinetics founder Dr. Ray W. Lincoln at Visit our website and grab a copy of “InnerKinetics – Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness” to learn more about your inner design.

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