Your POSSIBLE Dream – Live It!

Your Possible Dream
Adapted from INNERKINETICS: Your Blueprint for Excellence and Happiness, by Ray W. Lincoln.

There’s a possible dream out there for you. And you can be living your dream and enjoying the paybacks.

What if you slept? And what if, in your sleep, you dreamed?
And what if, in your dream, you went to heaven
And there plucked a strange and beautiful flower?
And what if, when you awoke, you had the flower in your hand?
Ah, what then?
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Your Possible Dream Is Your Greatest Dream

That dream of yours is not some reduction of your goals that you or someone else thinks might be attainable. Furthermore, the possible dream is the greatest you can be, the achieving of impressive success in whatever way your strengths are pointing and to a goal you have carefully defined. In fact, your possible dream is your greatest dream.

Possible Dreams Come with Payback

Dreams are the wishes of our hearts.  And when we put goals, steps and actions to those wishes, they soon become realities. However, our dreams will never become real if we struggle to achieve them when they require strengths we do not possess. Nor will we pursue them for long if they lack the fulfillment that brings true happiness. There has to be payback for all of us. Your blueprint carries a guarantee of wonderful wages.

So, dream with me for a moment before we go on. To clarify your dream, select which of these four dreams fits you best.


Dream One

“I long to be someone who makes a contribution to this world and to leave it a better world for my loved ones. I want to feel worthwhile and appreciated, to feel people can depend on me and that I have made my family and society proud of me. I want to be known as responsible and reliable, someone the world can depend on.”

Dream Two

“I want to grow strong and courageous and be admired, making an impact on people. I want to feel that I have lived a free and expressive life, to be a unique individual, not a copy of others. “Free indeed,” those words taste like honey to me. Give me a life of adventure and excitement where the adrenaline flows unabated with abandon, and let me express the potent urges in my spirit.”

Dream Three

“I want to be loved because I have loved and to frolic in the wonders of loving and harmonious relationships. I want harmony, not just for myself, but for all people. I want to know myself better and keep learning, because in learning I expand and feel complete. I feel called to influence the world and mentor it for good and touch the beat of its soul. I want to be significant and feel that my life is deeply meaningful.”

Dream Four

“I feel I am intelligent and capable, and when discovering the secrets and wonders of this world, I feel my ingenuity growing and satisfying me. Discovery is my passion and my dream. Strategy is my method of penetrating the future and forming the theories that guide my discoveries. I want to fill my days with finding new and better ways for people to live.”


If you respond to one of these dreams, you are already discovering something about your InnerKinetics® and the direction your life is intended to go. However, if you respond to more than one, that too will inform you and lead you to a more insightful knowledge of yourself.  However, if you can’t choose, simply wait until you have discovered your temperament and then it will sort itself out.

So, Give Yourself Permission to Fly!

“Yes! I want to dream and live my dreams, to be the best that I can be. I want to soar above my depressing, self-made limitations, look fear in the face, and scorn it as I defeat its threat. I want to test the impossible and feel it crumble before me. I want to be maximized in all areas of my life.”

“The boldness of a possible dream that I once thought impossible is empowering and refreshing to me. I long to be reborn with a red-blooded hope. I will give myself permission to fly.”

Is this you?

Your possible dream is what you long for and imagine in the rich moments of a pregnant intuition. It is all that you can be, and it brings with it some wonderful paybacks because your possible dream is what you were born to be and achieve.

Dream! Achieve!

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