Your Preparedness – Can you plan well amidst all this uncertainty?

Your Preparedness

Do you like to be prepared for as much as possible? If the notion of not having a schedule or playing it by ear makes you a bit nervous, you just may be a “Serial Planner.”  But don’t worry, there’s no 12-step program needed for that! Even if you’re perfectly comfortable operating without a set plan, your desire to be prepared is a gift.  However, how can you prepare amidst uncertainty, instability and personal danger? Let’s talk more about your preparedness to tackle what lies ahead.


Is preparation about planning, or is there more?

What are your thoughts?  Is preparation about making solid plans and solving contingencies? Or is it a state of mind? Perhaps it’s both. And what if you don’t have all the details? Is preparedness still possible?

Let’s start with what type of planner you are. Some of us automatically make a plan for everything we’re involved in. It’s a natural drive from within. Some of us have to make a plan to even start the planning process! If you’re really unsure what’s driving your desire to prepare, or not… it’s time to discover your inner design. But make no mistake. Preparedness requires desire, as well as action.


Develop your preparedness according to inner design.

So, if you believe being prepared for the unexpected is important to your long-term success, find a few tips below.

First, discover your inner design. Are you an “SJ”?


If you are an “SJ,” you’re a natural-born planner.

Planning and preparation are key inner strengths of your design. Planning brings a sense of control and security. If you plan, you have at least walked through the possibilities with your eye fixed on the details. And it’s the details that bring ideas down to earth. Thus, your preparedness hinges on the planning you do to make sense of life. And life’s issues can be broken down into orderly steps. Even possible problems can be sensibly managed when your plans are in place, like a buffer between you and the unknown.

Develop the SJ strength of preparation:

  • Establish a goal and plan to achieve it.
  • Build in some flexibility to your plans to account for shifts in timing beyond your control. As long as you have some contingencies accounted for, you can pick up where you left off.
  • Plan for some spontaneity. The freedom of impulse and variety keeps life interesting. And often, it’s the brief breaks from the plan that breathe fresh life into your desire for preparedness.

If you are NOT an “SJ,” your preparedness will stem from other valuable drives inherent to your inner design. Discover these strengths and your development plan by learning all you can about your own inner design.


Are you prepared for life’s curve balls?

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