Your Self-Image Leaves a Mark on the World

Your Self-Image Leaves a Mark

How can someone possibly leave the world better off than they found it? If you’ve ever contemplated that idea, it’s likely that one of your next thoughts is about whether that’s even possible. It’s such a high mark. And if it is actually possible, does it take an entire lifetime of methodically communicating a simple message? Or does it come down to just a few defining moments with one big idea?  Maybe it’s something else entirely? In spite of all the historical facts, personal theories, and proven principles available to us, perhaps only one thing reveals the true effect you will have on the world around you: YOUR SELF-IMAGE LEAVES A MARK.


He Definitely Left His Mark

Have you heard it?
The life of Billy Graham is a story that many find fascinating and inspiring. I certainly do.

How in the world did he do that?!
He transcended so many boundaries that most people never cross. He inspired and compelled people of all races, creeds, and religions.

How does this actually happen?
Like many before him, Billy Graham’s courage and bold actions looked like tiny ripples but created shockwaves that changed worldviews and the course of history. He seemed to have focused all of his time, inner strengths and passion in one direction. But one focus over the course of a long life is not enough to change the world the way he did.

I wonder about his self-image…
Was it clear and full of positive beliefs that emboldened him?
Or was it distorted and mired down in negative beliefs that discouraged and demotivated him?


What Will You Choose?

Since self-image is defined by how you see and think about yourself, it makes sense that your self-image must be healthy if you are to have a fulfilling, meaningful and impactful life. Right? There’s a mountain of current scientific research that proves this true.

Many things seem to determine the state of the world you and I live in. There are physical, geographical, political and socioeconomic factors out of our control. But we know of one factor within our control that clearly determines the way in which you will LIVE in and LEAVE this world: YOUR SELF-IMAGE.

You can’t outperform your self-image. It has a direct impact on whether you thrive or suffer emotionally. Your choices are based on the quality of your self-image. And the good news is that you get to choose how healthy your self-image is and will be.

What will you choose?


Align Your Self-Image with the Mark You Want to Leave

You are still a game changer. Your mark may not involve declaring the gospel behind an “Iron Curtain” or taking a dangerous stand again racial injustice at a pivotal time. But the mark you leave is just as important. Your family, your friends, your co-workers will be affected most by their time with you. Just ask Billy Graham’s family and close friends if this is true. They weren’t marked by his preaching to thousands or his counseling of world leaders. They were marked by their personal interactions with him.

What do you want your time here to stand for? How will your impact be viewed?

Align your self-image with the influence and impact you want to have. A healthy self-image is your first and boldest move. After that one, there’s no stopping you.


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